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Sol Capital, born from the vision of seasoned professionals with extensive backgrounds in financial markets, is a pioneering independent firm in Investment Banking, Management, and Foreign Exchange. It capitalizes on the evolving market dynamics, offering unparalleled expertise, robust capital protection, and technological efficiency. Committed to advancing client interests, Sol provides:

  • A wealth of market experience and comprehensive support services.

  • Exceptional risk management, with top-tier counterparty risk assurance.

  • Streamlined access to a broad range of financial products and centralized execution.

  • Advanced online banking, execution, and payment solutions managing over £2 billion in monthly transactions.

  • Leading research and strategic insights, backed by solid regulatory safeguards.

  • Sol's dedication to independence ensures a conflict-free, client-first approach, positioning clients at the forefront of market trends and opportunities.

Investment Banking, Investment Management & Currency Services


Let’s Work Together

Bridge House, 181 Queen Victoria Street,

London, EC4V 4EG

Tel: +44(0)207 390 0389

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Sol Capital Markets LLP is Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

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